• I thought I knew what I was doing at the gym until Nick stepped in and provided his personal attention to my training. As a result of his input, I have learned the do's and dont's of effective lifting, gained nearly 10-lbs of muscle in my target areas, and toned my physique into the best condition it has ever been. My motivation to maintain a high level of fitness dramatically increased after seeing such quick results, and I actually look forward to going to the gym nowadays. Nick, thank you for your patience and faith in me!
    — Anthony To. Staten Island, NY
  • I have been training with Nick since early January of 2012. Between January and early May, I lost a total of 30 pounds, and went from a size 14 to a size 8. I dropped the weight without doing anything unhealthy- Nick recommended a macrobiotic diet and has helped me follow it. I see him one to two times a week for training, and do cardio routines he helps me design in between. Nick actually manages to make training really fun- we do something different every time, and he is great about tailoring it to what works for me. For example, one time we tried boxing and I really loved it, so now we do 15 minutes of boxing at the end of every work out.

    Beyond the weight loss, my strength, posture and self-confidence have increased considerably. I don't get winded walking up subway stairs, and I don't need my boyfriend to open jars for me. Finally, and most importantly, Nick is incredibly easy to work with. He is laid back and affirming, without letting up on me training-wise. His attitude is unfailingly positive, and gives me the confidence that I need to really push myself to get the results I want.
    — Becca Heller
  • I knew Nick might be different when I started taking his boot camp classes at my local gym and within a few weeks started to feel a deep change in my muscle definition and energy level. His one-on-one training took my body literally to the next level and within two months, I had dropped a dress size and even my supper supportive fiance who doesn't ever focus on weight or muscle definition was shocked at my arm muscles, leg muscles and the beginnings of the six pack I was starting to develop. I've never had so many complements on my physique as when I trained with Nick. It really was not about losing weight (although that was a nice by-product), rather, Nick constantly pushed me with tough yet fun exercises that always kept me moving, jumping and guessing what we would do next.

    His support and encouragement really made me feel like I could do that next pull-up or push-up and when I saw that I was getting stronger, I just kept on pushing. I felt so fit, strong and beautiful on my wedding day thanks to my training with Nick, and I think based on the wedding pictures my hard work paid off. Thank you Nick!

    — Alexandra Aquino-Fike
  • What sets Nick Vargas above other trainers is his intelligence and creativity. He has a deep knowledge and understanding of how the body works, and what methods most effectively keep it fit and strong. I have fibromyalgia, and am often scared of working out when I’m not feeling well. Nick’s knowledge of the human body actually helps me feel better post workout. While I’ve had many trainers, what makes Nick special is his ability to think outside the box.

    If a part of my body is bothering me, he on-the-spot realizes where it’s coming from, and what we can do to stretch the muscle while working other parts of the body at the same time. He varies the workouts so that they’re fun and different, while keeping them challenging enough to break a sweat even if you come in having difficulty moving in the first place. He listens to your feedback, and has the knowledge and intuition to create fun and effective workouts that keep you fit without hurting your sore spots. I highly recommend Nick to anyone whose pain has previously kept him/her from the gym. I also recommend him to anyone looking for a great workout that’s fun, different, and effective.
    — Jill Goldberg
  • I'd never stepped foot into a gym before let alone decide to hire a trainer, this is something that initially I found intimidating but knew it was the only way I would get to the gym regularly. Nick is not only highly motivating but reassuring and trains on the basis of building strength customized to me personally. Not only has he made me see results in the physical and mental aspects of my body very quickly ( i have found going to nick and working out an amazing stress reliever ) his amazing energy has given me the confidence to really enjoy the gym and become a much healthier person! I get great comments from friends who notice that I have lost weight and have become better physically and mentally and when they ask me what did I do I always talk about Nick and I always nightly recommend him. In my opinion i would go as far to say that seeing Nick is one of the most positive things that I have done for myself and I really look forward to seeing him for a long time to come.
    — Anthony Turner
  • The three biggest blocks I encountered with fitness were a lack of motivation, a lack of knowledge, and general boredom with workout routines. I can't recommend Nick highly enough because of the way he's managed to tackle all three. He translated my goals into a workout plan that both addressed my immediate needs and that has evolved as my needs have changed. Without being too intense about it, he provides the motivation and encouragement to push myself and make real progress in the workouts. And he's able to design workouts that attack each goal using different exercises, techniques, and equipment so that it never becomes routine. Since I began working with Nick, I've lost 30 pounds and made progress in virtually every aspect of my personal fitness. I know I've gotten stronger but I also feel better and have more energy than I ever had before. There’s nothing easy about getting into shape and maintaining a level of fitness, but Nick has made it easier to learn what it takes to do both and to get the results I wanted.
    — Tiffany Toner